The Barista Express Programmable Espresso Machine with Grinder

The Breville Barista Express espresso machine has a built-in grinder for fresh ground beans seconds before extraction producing amazing results you'll love. The built-in conical burr grinder allows you to grind only what you need directly into the portafilter. It's fully adjustable in grind size and dose, so you can tweak to taste. The patented Razor dosing tool trims the puck for consistent extraction, while electronic PID temperature control delivers accurate water temperature throughout the extraction. With a dedicated hot water outlet, impressive steam pressure, plus dual and single wall filters, you'll move from novice to Barista in no time at all.


  • Espresso machine with 15-bar Italian pump and 1600W thermocoil heating system
  • Electronic PID temperature control for increased temperature stability
  • Built-in conical burr grinder for maximum freshness, flavor & aroma
  • 1/2 lb. (8 oz.) round bean-hopper for up to 25 shots of fresh espresso
  • Espresso grind settings from fine to coarse or optimal extraction
  • Adjustable grind amount to suit the fineness or coarseness of the grind
  • Automatic dosing for a single or double cup dose
  • Hands-free grinding cradle for direct grinding into the portafilter
  • Patented twist blade (The Razor) trims down puck to right level for precision dosing and consistent extraction
  • Applies low water pressure at the start of the extraction to gently expand grinds for an even extraction
  • Espresso pressure gauge monitors espresso extraction pressure
  • Automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature
  • Removes excess water from ground coffee in filter basket after extraction for easy disposal of coffee puck
  • 67 fl.oz removable water tank with handle and replaceable water filter
  • Dedicated hot water outlet for making Americanos and pre-heating cups
  • Volumetric control with preset (1 or 2 cups), manual over-ride, or re-programmable shot volumes
  • Storage tray houses included accessories

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