Coffee Drinker's Delight Package

Package Includes:

Coffee Maker

  • Perfect coffee every time with its easy to understand plain text display
  • Makes six specialty coffees prepared to professional standards
  • This includes 1 espresso, 2 espressi, 1 coffee, 2 coffees, 1 cappuccino, and 1 portion of milk foam
  • Hot water spout with 2 levels of heat
  • Amount of water used for each coffee can be preprogrammed
  • Water amount can be adjusted with each preparation
  • 4 Different programmable coffee strengths
  • Coffee strength can be adjusted for each preparation
  • Aroma grinder features a perfect cutting angle to preserve the full aroma of the beans
  • Pulse Extraction Process optimizes extraction time to bring out the full bouquet of the aroma
  • Ergonomically optimized rotary switch
  • Optional Smart Connect allows the machine to be operated by a smartphone or a tablet
  • Intelligent Water System protects the machine from limescale while removing substances that could impair flavor
  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning, milk system cleaning, and descaling program
  • Automatic milk rinse
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout from 2.5" - 4.3"
  • Water tank capacity of 63.6oz
  • 7.1oz Bean container can produce up to 16 servings of coffee

8-Piece Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug Set

  • Distinctive design gives a visually appealing way to serve your favorite beverage
  • Multi-functional - use for coffee lattes or even special desserts
  • Maintains ideal beverage temperatures
  • Keeps hot drinks hot while maintaining a cool outside with double wall construction
  • High quality borosilicate glass construction
  • Created by a renowned Italian designer Matteo Thun
  • 12 Fluid ounce mugs
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe

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